Ultimate Drywall Kit


Kit Includes: 

  • 14oz Pro Drywall Hammer
  • Pro Jab Saw
  • 25' Pro Tape Measure 
  • Pro Soft Grip Utility Knife 
  • Pro 100 Pack Heavy-Duty Knife Blades and Dispenser
  • 10 Pack Carpenter's Pencils 

OX-P082614 14oz Pro Drywall Hammer:

  • Crowned, scored hammer head to reduce the chance of impact marks on plasterboard
  • Cutaway and notched cutting blade for withdrawing nails and cutting laths
  • Non-slip Grip handle with shock reduction

OX-P133516 Pro Jab Saw: 

  • Sharpened chisel point tip for easy puncturing of drywall and fast starting of cuts
  • Tempered steel blade for long life
  • Designed to cut 50% faster than traditional jab saws
  • OX Grip handle, ergonomically designed
  • Offset teeth for cutting in both directions
  • Double ground, deep cut tooth design for extremely fast and aggressive cutting
  • No need to drill pilot holes

OX-P029225 Pro 25' Tape Measure:

  • High-impact ABS case with rugged over mold
  • Cushion Grip for comfort and slip resistant hold
  • 1116'' (27mm) wide tape
  • Double-sided printing on tape for convenience
  • Inch fractional markings
  • OX Grip horn hook

OX-P220801 Pro Soft Grip Utility Knife:

  • Quick blade change - "push the button"
  • Sleek 'flipout' blade storage cartridge in the back of the handle for extra blades
  • OX Grip, ergonomically designed for ease of use
  • Dual cutting position

OX-P222110 Pro 100 Pack Heavy-Duty Knife Blades and Dispenser:

  • General purpose heavy-duty blades in dispenser
  • High-quality SK2 steel
  • Extra flexible and durable

OX-T023010 10 Pack Trade Carpenter's Pencils:

  • 10 Carpenter's Pencils with FREE sharpener included
  • Comfort Grip and easy to hold
  • Medium lead

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