SHH6/68 HEADER HANGER 7.1875 X 5.625 14GA 24PAK


The SHH steel header hanger is used to support traditional CFS box headers that are fabricated with top and bottom tracks, as well as large-flange lay-in headers that are common in curtain-wall construction. The connector geometry minimizes drywall buildup, and the screw count has been minimized through extensive testing. A wide array of value-engineered hole patterns are available that will accommodate different load levels while minimizing installed cost.

  • Material: 68 mil (14 ga.), 40 ksi
  • Finish: Galvanized (G90)
  • 24 count per box, 12 right-handed connectors and 12 left-handed connectors

Key Features: 

  • The bottom tabs transfer wind load from the horizontal window header to the jamb studs and help support the header assembly during installation.
  • Tabulated loads are based on component assembly testing, which assists to mitigate design risk.
  • The SHH6 is manufactured in steel thicknesses of 54 mil (16 ga.) and 68 mil (14 ga.) that are intended for use with 6"-deep (min.) box headers, and the SHH3 is manufactured from 68 mil (14 ga.) steel and is intended for 3 5/8" or 4"-deep (max.) box headers and large-flange lay-in headers.
  • To enable easier drywall installation, the gusset portion of the SHH is coped to avoid 1 1/2" (max.) track legs.
  • The screw-hole layout at the jamb studs accommodates flange sizes of 1 5/8", 2", 2 1/2", 3" and 3 1/2". This versatility allows the load to be evenly distributed along two lines of fasteners so that each jamb stud carries equal axial load with minimum eccentricity.


  • At each connection to a jamb stud, use one SHH connector on each side of the header. A 1/8" (max.) gap is allowed between the end of the header and the face of the jamb stud. Use all specified fasteners.

Tier Pricing:

simpson strong tie header hanger

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