The SCHA connector is an ideal solution for panelized or stick-frame construction where the CFS framing anchors to the top of a concrete floor slab or the bottom of a steel beam. The connector features a wide support leg to decrease eccentricity on anchors and provide a variety of anchorage options. The included SCVS vertical slider helps to strengthen the connector for the highest tension (F2) and compression (F3) loads in the industry.

  • Material: SCHA — 118 mil (10 ga., 33 ksi); SCVS — 97 mil (12 ga., 33 ksi)
  • Finish: Galvanized (G90) 
  • 15 count per box 
  • SCHA10.75L-KT15 contains (15) SCHA 10.75L connectors and (15) SCVS/97 sliders

Key Features: 

  • Provides a full 1" of both upward and downward movement
  • Tabulated design values for anchorage help mitigate risk and provide ease of specification
  • Either face of anchorage leg can be used against the support
  • Accommodates standoff distances up to 4 3/4"
  • Can be used with 3 5/8", 4", 6" and 8" studs
  • Prepunched anchor holes accommodate 1/4"-diameter Titen HD® or other 1/4"-diameter concrete screw anchors, and 0.157"-diameter powder-actuated fasteners such as the Simpson Strong-Tie® PDPAT-62KP
  • Prepunched anchor holes also eliminate the need for predrilling and help ensure accurate anchor placement


  • Use all specified fasteners and anchors. Note that the smaller-diameter anchor holes are provided for PAF installation, and the larger-diameter anchor holes are for 1/4"-diameter concrete screw anchors.
  • Ensure that the SCVS vertical slider is centered in the SCHA vertical slots by aligning the tic-marks adjacent to the triangle holes on the slider with the ≠ stamp on the SCHA clip.

Tier Pricing: 

simpson strong tie horizontal anchor slide clip left

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