Resilmat® RM605 5mm Recycled Rubber Impact Sound Isolation Floor Underlayment (120sf/roll)


A flat, resilient, recycled rubber underlayment to be used directly under most floor finishes, yielding exceptional results even under hard surface flooring, over concrete and wood joist construction.

Performance Attributes 

  • Can thin-set tile and stone directly to the product per ASTM C627.
  • Compatible with most floor finishes.
  • Fast installation.
  • Available in 48” wide rolls and a variety of thicknesses.
  • Vapor barrier option available.
  • Crack isolation membrane protects ceramic tile, porcelain and stone tile from substrate cracks.
  • Rated light commercial by the Tile Council of North America.
  • Passes VOC Washington State IAQ Test (ASTM D5116).
  • Can contribute toward earning up to 9 LEED.


  • 5mm in 4’ by 30’ (1.2m by 9.1m) roll size.
  • Sheet Weight: 0.84lb/ft2
  • Standard Tolerances: Width: +3/4” - 0”; Length: +1% - 0”; Thickness: ±0.3mm
  • 120sf/roll

Tier Pricing

resilmat floor underlayment



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