RCKW3S-R10 CFS Stiffener 1.5" x 2" x 3" 7ga (10 count)


The RCKWS is a heavy 171 mil (7 ga.) stiffener that nests onto the RCKW clip. The screw holes and anchor holes in the stiffener line up with those in the RCKW clip, making fastener and anchor installation a snap. The RCKW clip and RCKWS stiffener are sold separately.

  • Material: 171 mil (7 ga.), 33 ksi
  • Finish: Galvanized (G90) 
  • 10 count per box 

Key Features 

  • For the RCKWS: 171 mil (7 ga.) stiffeners are secured to the RCKW clip with screws, optimizing overturning moment resistance and stiffness


  • Use all specified screw fasteners. To achieve tabulated load values, use #12-14 screws according to the screw patterns shown.
  • When using the RCKWS, secure the stiffener to the clip with the specified screw fasteners. Screws must be at least 1" long and extend through the connection with a minimum of three exposed threads.
  • Use all specified anchors. To achieve tabulated stiffness values, the installation torque for 1/2"-diameter anchors shall be at least 17 ft.-lb.
  • When using the 1/2"-diameter Simpson Strong-Tie Titen HD anchor, the bottom track must be predrilled or punched with a 3/4"-diameter hole.

Tier Pricing

RCKW3S-R10 CFS kneewall connector stiffener, simpson strong tie

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