Simpson Strong-Tie introduces the SBR and DBR spacer bracers for cold-formed steel construction. These spacer bracers reduce the installed cost of cold-formed steel stud walls by enabling faster stud layout while minimizing the need for bridging clips.

The DBR is used for interior walls to eliminate stud bow and allow for quicker drywall attachment, while the SBR is designed for structural exterior walls. Both products provide bracing along the length of the stud, and for head-of-wall slip conditions. The SBR and DBR also come with prepunched slots that eliminate the need to use bridging clips with on-module studs.

The SBR and DBR spacer bracers come with bracing load data based on assembly testing, thus mitigating risk for designers and maximizing confidence in design specs. In fact, the SBR and DBR are the only spacer bracers on the market with tabulated design values based on assembly tests.

The DBR will accommodate 2 1/2", 3 5/8" and 6" studs in thicknesses of 15 mil (25 ga. EQ) through 33 mil (20 ga.)

  • Material: DBR/30 — 27 mil (33 ksi)
  • Finish: Galvanized (G90) 
  • 20 count per box


  • Spacer bracers are fed through the stud knockout at a 90° angle until studs align with spacer-bracer slots. With the slots engaging the stud web, the spacer bracer is then rotated back to the flat position so the slotted flanges are on the bottom.
  • For off-layout or end-of-run studs where a spacer-bracer slot does not engage a stud, manually snip the spacer-bracer flanges with a 1/2"-deep slot and secure the spacer bracer to the stud with Simpson Strong-Tie LSSC or RCA connectors. Use all specified fasteners.
  • Wear gloves while handling and installing spacer bracers.

Tier Pricing

DBR/30-R20 drywall spacer bracer, simpson strong tie

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