Pro Heavy-Duty Thick Chalk Line Set


Set Includes: 

  • OX-P027731 Pro Heavy Duty Thick Chalk Line Reel
  • OX-P025702, OX-P025701, OX-P025705 Blue, Red, or Black 16oz Refill Chalk


OX-P027731 Pro Heavy Duty Thick Chalk Line Reel:

  • 6 to 1 gear drive ratio for faster rewind of the line
  • Rubber overmolded for comfort and durability 
  • 100ft 16 thick strand line for all jobsite layouts 
  • Reinforced handle for added durability 
  • Push button stop for accurate layouts 


OX-P025702, OX-P025701 8oz Blue and Red Permanency #1 Refill Chalk:

  • Two different colors available – red, blue
  • Powder formulated for good adhesion and high visibility
  • For both interior and exterior use
  • For use with chalk lines
  • Easy pour, refills chalk line


OX-P025705 Black Permanency #3 8oz Refill Chalk: 

  • 8 oz of high grade chalk that can be used in all chalk reels
  • #3 Permanence Rating - chalk can withstand rough/wet conditions
  • Rugged black color that shows up well on drywall
  • Tethered replaceable spout cap


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