Resilmount® A237BR Bar Joist to Furring Channel Resilient Clip



The Resilmount A237BR is used in steel joist applications where
a dropped ceiling is needed. The A237BR clip isolates the ceiling
and the floor above acoustically.



  • Supplied as fully assembled component - no site assembly required. 
  • Consistent and reliable quality - manufactured under ISO9001 quality control system.
  • Easy installation into new or existing ceiling systems.
  • Acoustically tested for STC and IIC.
  • Easily works with all hanger wire. 
  • Suitably isolates the ceiling system from the structure to reduce structure and airborne noise.
  • The A237BR bolt comes in 3 lengths, 3", 4", and 5" long. 


Installation Notes

The bolt on the A237BR fits directly through a steel joist and the A237R. The bottom of the clip accepts standard furring channel which enables the gypsum board to be decoupled acoustically from the framing above. 2

Item Number Bolt Length Cord Length
A237BR-3 3" 1"
A237BR-4 4" 2"
A237BR-5 5" 3"


Tier Pricing

resilmount A237BR, resilient mount, sound isolation clip

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