Resilmount® A237 Direct Fix Furring Channel Mount



The Resilmount A237 bracket is designed for use with various manufacturers of Furring/Hat Channel. The Resilmount A237 is a cheaper option to the A237R due to there being no rubber isolation insert. It will achieve a lower STC rating then the A237R.


  • Simple design makes it adaptable to several applications. 
  • Consistent and reliable quality - manufactured under ISO 9001 quality control system.
  • Decouples gypsum board from framing or structure to stop flow of STC and IIC vibrations. 
  • A237 clips can be used to suit 7/8" and 1-1/2" furring channels.
  • A237 are provided with a 1/4" hole for a variety of fasteners. 
  • UL approved in 38 wall and ceiling assemblies. 


  • A237 to be fastened to structure with a minimum #8 screw or masonry sleeve anchors. 
  • Load capacity: 55lbs. maximum dead load. 
  • Maximum spacing of clips on furring channel is 48".
  • Spacing between furring channels should not exceed 24". 

Tier Pricing

resilmount, A237, sound isolation clip, furring channel bracket


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