Resilmount® A106R Furring Channel to Purlin Resilient Clip



The A106R is a combination of the A237R and the M-100 4” 14 Ga bracket. The A237R is attached to the 4” leg of the bracket.

Resilmount A106R is an engineered mounting bracket used to reduce airborne and structure-borne vibration. The A106R is perfect for applications where maximum ceiling height is needed.



  • Engineered thermoplastic rubber outperforms standard rubber because of its sound absorbing characteristics.
  • The A106R allows a minimum 1/4" cavity for applications where adjustments are needed. 
  • Creates a smaller cavity between the framing and the ceiling.
  • Can be used with standard drywall furring channel.
  • Weight capacity: 22lbs
  • Bracket height: 1-3/4"



The A106R fastens directly to the side of wood or steel joists creating an air space below the joists as little as 1/4”.



resilmount A106R, mounting bracket, sound isolation bracket


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