SCW Head-of-Wall Slide-Clip Connector; 25/Box


SCW slide-clip connectors are primarily used in head-of-wall applications that require vertical movement relative to the structure. The connector can also be used
to strengthen window and door jambs for projects that utilize slip-track.

Box Quantity: All Clip Sizes Come In A Box Of 25.


  • Provides a full 1" of both upward and downward movement
  • Clips that allow 1 3/8" of upward and downward movement are available by special order.
  • The precision-manufactured shouldered screws provided with the SCW connector are designed to prevent overdriving and to ensure the clip functions properly
  • Anchor holes located to maximize performance
  • Simpson Strong-Tie® "No-Equal" stamps mark the center of the slots to help
    ensure correct shouldered-screw placement

Material: 54 mil (16 ga.)

Finish: Galvanized (G90)


  • Use the specified type and number of anchors.
  • Use the specified number of #14 shouldered screws (included). Install shouldered screws in the slots adjacent to the "No-Equal" stamp.
  • Use a maximum of 1 screw per slot.

Codes: IAPMO UES ER-238

Ordering Information:

  • SCW3.25-KT (Box of 25 connectors with 55 shouldered screws included)
  • SCW5.5-KT (Box of 25 connectors with 83 shouldered screws included)

SCW Allowable Connector Loads (lbs.):

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