Resilmount® A50R-3 Resilient Sound Isolation Hanger (200 lbs)


Resilmount™ A50R-3 is specifically designed for the support and acoustical isolation of internal suspended ceiling systems.


  • Easily works with all hanger wire
  • Easy installation into new or existing ceiling systems
  • Meets all Standards and guidelines
  • Does not reduce the load capacity of the ceiling system
  • Suitably isolates the ceiling system from the structure to reduce structure-borne noise
  • Elastomer Type: Natural Rubber
  • Shore A Hardness: 65
  • Load capacity: 200 Lbs.
Dynamic Characteristics
Rubber mounts differ from spring mounts is that the natural frequency is a function not only of the deflection but also of the rubber hardness.
The noise absorption properties of the Resilmount™ A50R-3 allow it to deflect 3/16” when loaded to 200 Lbs, in accordance with US Standards, which provided optimal isolation of transferred noise.

Installation Notes

When selecting hangers, it is recommended that the calculated mass of the ceiling system is increased by 10-20% to avoid overloading of the isolation element. If maximum rated deflections are required, the ceiling system needs to be accurately weighed and point loads assessed in accordance with the architectural specifications of the project.
The site contractor can undertake normal installation procedures of the suspended ceiling system. Once the hanging rod has been hung from the substrate, the lower end of the rod needs to be bent up in accordance with the ceiling system manufacturers specifications, providing a ‘hook’ on which the Resilmount™ A50R-3 can be hung.
Once the mount is in place, another section of hanging rod is required to be bent and inserted through the lower side of the Resilmount™ A50R-3. The shaft of this rod then becomes the mounting point for the ceiling suspension clip.
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