Resilmat® RMI Sound Isolation Material 305R & 310R


Acoustic ‘flanking’ can dramatically reduce the acoustic performance of a wall assembly. Resilmat – RMI is used to help prevent structure borne noise from transmitting through the wall into the areas above and below the partition. It is a permanently resilient gasket that decouples wall assemblies from the building structure to reduce the transfer of sound and vibration. Resilmat – RMI is manufactured with reclaimed rubber and is formulated with high damping acrylic polymers making it a “Green” product for LEED projects. The Resilmat – RMI pad is manufactured to carefully controlled density standards for trusted long term service. Resilmat – RMI can be installed with mechanical fasteners, polyurethane based construction adhesives, or a variety of thin-sets and mortars. W20R isolation washers are also available through Resilmount.

Performance Attributes 

  • Fast installation.
  • Unlike fiberglass it is not affected by moisture.
  • Used for both top and bottom plates.
  • Factory slit to width and easily field cut to length with utility knife.
  • Also available in custom width rolls and 2mm and10mm thicknesses.
  • Rated light commercial by the Tile Council of North America.
  • Can be used for a wide range of loadings (1-50 psi).
  • Continuous resilient support of partition.
  • Unaffected by water.
  • Will not support mold growth.
  • Can use mechanical fasteners or adhesives (PSA).
  • Passes VOC Washington State IAQ Test (ASTM D5116).
  • Can contribute toward earning up to 9 LEED.

Tier Pricing:


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