SSC6.25-R30 CFS Stud Clips 1.4" x 4" x 6.25" 14ga (30 count)


SSC connectors are versatile utility clips ideal for a variety of stud-to-stud and stud-to-structure applications in cold-formed steel construction. The clips have been designed to enable easy installation on the open side of studs or joists with flanges up to 3" long and return lips up to 3/4". A wide pattern of strategic fastener locations allows the SSC to accommodate a variety of traditional and custom designs.

  • Material: 68 mil (50 ksi)
  • Finish: Galvanized (G90)
  • 30 count per box 

Key Features 

  • Prepunched holes reduce installation cost by eliminating predrilling
  • Intuitive fastener hole positions ensure accurate clip installation in accordance with design, support a wide range of design and application requirements and provide installation flexibility
  • Angle lengths accommodate either hard-side or soft-side attachment for studs and joists with return lips up to 3/4"*
  • 4" leg length enables soft-side connections for studs and joists with flanges up to 3"*
  • Also suitable for u-channel bridging


  • Use all specified fasteners/anchors

Tier Pricing

SSC6.25-R30 CFS stud clip, simpson strong tie

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