Sound Isolation Solutions November 27 2018

Multi-tenant buildings such as apartments, condos, high rise office buildings, medical buildings, schools, and many more all struggle with the problem of sound isolation. If you are renting an apartment, you don't want to constantly be able to hear your neighbors. If you are in a math lesson at school, it is highly distracting when there is a rowdy science experiment happening in the adjacent classroom. Or you might be a busy manager of a company trying to get caught up on some work but the meeting in the conference room on the other side of the wall is causing you to lose focus. 


sound isolation solutions

Resilmount Sound Isolation Solutions has developed a full line of products to solve these problems and help create quiet, peaceful spaces in multi-tenant buildings. 

resilmount sound isolation solutions


Resilient Channel

Resilient channel is used to reduce transmission of the airborne sound through partition and ceiling assemblies. The resilient channel dampens sound waves and transmission by suspending drywall from the wall and ceiling. Resilient channel comes in 2 types, single leg and double leg. Single leg will achieve a higher STC rating than double leg because it has less contact with the structure. 

RC1 single leg resilient channelRC2 double leg resilient channel


Sound Isolation Clips, Brackets, and Hangers

Buildcorp Direct carries the full line of Resilmount sound isolation clips, brackets, and hangers. Sound isolation clips can be used in conjunction with furring channel to reduce air-borne and structure-borne vibration. Sound isolation brackets can be used to brace the wall to the structure or in the decoupling of wall systems, depending on the application. Sound isolation hangers can be used in conjunction with the M534 hanger assembly or any other hanger assembly to increase sound isolation in ceiling systems. 

sound isolation clip

sound isolation bracket

sound isolation hanger



Resilmat is a recycled rubber sound isolation matting designed to help prevent structure-borne noise from transmitting through walls, ceilings, and floors. Buildcorp Direct carries the full line of Resilmat products including the floor underlayment and sill plate matting (RMI). Both the RMI and Resilmat floor underlayment come in a variety of thicknesses. The W20R sound isolation washer can be used in conjunction with RMI matting to enhance sound isolating qualities. 

sound isolation floor underlayment

sound isolation sill plate underlayment


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