Sound Isolation Hangers For Ceilings May 17 2019

sound isolation hanger

The Resilmount™ A50R is specifically designed for the support and acoustical isolation of internal suspended ceiling systems.
Rubber mounts difference from spring mounts is that the natural frequency is a function not only of the deflection, but also of the rubber hardness. The noise absorption properties of the Resilmount™ A50R allow it to deflect 3/16” when loaded to 110 lbs., in accordance with American Standards, which provides optimal isolation of transferred noise.
sound isolation in ceilings
The A50R hangers come in three different weight capacities, 65lb, 120lb, and 200lb. They easily work with all hanger wire and can be installed into new or existing ceiling systems. 
how to soundproof a ceilingsound isolation hanger for suspended ceilingssound isolation hanger
Resilmount A50R hangers also work very well with the patented adjustable M534 hanger system.
adjustable ceiling hanger
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