Resilmount Sound Isolation Clips and How They Work November 14 2018

sound isolation clip
Sound isolation clips are used in conjunction with furring channel or resilient channel to decouple gypsum board from the structure and create a sound proof environment. Decoupling the gypsum board from the structure allows for little contact with the structure, therefore stopping the noise and structurally-borne vibrations from coming through the wall or ceiling and disturbing those inside the room.
The clip shown in the picture above is the Resilmount A237R sound isolation clip. This clip is made with thermoplastic rubber, known for its sound absorbing characteristics. The rubber, combined with the clips strong column design allows for a small percentage of contact with the structure or substrate it is fastened to. This aids in the breaking up and absorbing of airborne sound at its transfer point allowing for a quiet and peaceful environment for the occupants inside the space.
sound proofing clip
sound isolation clip installed
Sound isolation clips can be used in any application when trying to achieve a quiet space. They are designed for and most commonly used in multi-tenant buildings such as apartments, condos, medical buildings, hotels, offices, and more to deaden and stop noise transfer between walls and ceilings. Click here to read a case study on the A237R Resilmount sound isolation clip where they were used in a condo building in Maryland, USA.
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