Simpson Strong-Tie - Deflection Connectors January 17 2019

deflection connector
Simpson Strong-Tie has developed a line of connectors for use with curtain-wall steel stud framing. Curtain-wall projects require a variety of connectors that provide a load path from the curtain wall to the primary structure for wind loads, seismic loads and dead loads. Slide-clip connectors enable the structural building frame to deflect independently of the curtain-wall system. Fixed-clip connectors support the dead load of a curtain wall from the structural frame. Fixed clips have the added benefit of providing connector solutions for load-bearing walls and for roof systems utilizing steel trusses and rafters.
Simpson Strong-Tie connectors for curtain-wall construction accommodate many different bypass framing applications in a variety of stand-off conditions. We also offer connectors for head-of-wall and strut applications.
deflection connector
scw deflection connector
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