Resilmount A237CR CRC Channel to Furring Channel Resilient Clip November 09 2018

The A237CR CRC Channel to Furring Channel Resilient Clip is designed to provide sound isolation between ceiling primary suspension channel and the furring channel, to which the drywall is fixed to. 

CRC channel to furring channel resilient clip

This assembly clip features a top clip that wraps around the cold rolled channel (CRC) with a simple rotation motion, snapping into position. The A237CR clip can then be moved along the CRC to line up with the furring channel spacing.

Resilmount A237CR

A237CR installed, ceiling sound isolation

The A237CR decouples the gypsum board from the CRC for optimum sound isolation performance. This sound isolation clip is excellent for use in apartment or multi-tenant buildings. Its purpose is to deaden noise transfer between the ceiling and the floor above. For best sound proofing results, use the A237CR clip in combination with additional Resilmount and Resilmat products.

Resilmount A237CR sound isolation clip