M534 Adjustable Hanger Assembly October 05 2018

What is it used for? 

The M534 hanger assembly is designed for hanging soffits, bulkheads, suspended cloud panels, barreled ceilings, etc. It can be suspended from concrete slabs and joists and has been tested to carry a maximum safe load of 110 lbs per assembly. 

What is included in the hanger assembly?

There are a variety of assemblies available. They include either 6ft or 3ft (custom lengths available upon request) 5mm galvanized suspension rod (M21), either straight rod brackets (M74) or right angle rod brackets (M47), and adjustable spring hangers (M534). 

M534 Hanger Assembly


M21 5mm Galvanized Suspension Rod


M74 & M47 Straight & Right Angle Rod Brackets 


M534 Adjustable Spring Hanger


acoustical panel hanger

acoustic panel hanger system